Trickster Theatre

Organization size: Medium
Discipline: Theatre, Youth
Calgary, Alberta (2011-12)

Trickster Theatre Gets a Power Boost

Trickster Theatre and Bullfrog Power Partnership Summary

Founded in 1979, Trickster Theatre runs several programs throughout the year including theatre workshops, classes, a summer camp, residencies and partners with a program called Kids Go Global. Each Trickster residency is an original 90-minute theatre performance that can include as many as 500 actors. Trickster partnered with Bullfrog Power, a young green energy company that seeks opportunities to educate consumers about renewable energy and develop brand name recognition in Alberta. The partnership brought theatre residencies focused on green energy to 10 schools throughout Alberta.

“The goal of this is so that kids learn a little about theatre and also feel compelled to make a difference.”

David Chantler, Trickster founder

Trickster Theatre

Founded in 1979, Trickster Theatre runs several programs throughout the year including theatre workshops, classes, summer camp, residencies and a program called Kids Go Global. Each Trickster residency is an original 90-minute theatre performance that can include as many as 500 actors. The theme is chosen by the participating school and is developed with the assistance of a Trickster professional. Residency programs are inclusive to all grades and Trickster provides everything from lighting, sound and costumes to directors, producers and artists.

In response to new school curriculum focused on global citizenship, Trickster Theatre has successfully piloted a program called Kids Go Global ( in partnership with schools and non-government organizations. This program specifically supports K-12 schools in taking action on global issues such as energy and climate change, and inspiring others to do the same. Kids Go Global hosts resource and educational tools for both students and teachers to encourage the sharing of projects, information and residency stories.

Bullfrog Power Inc.

Bullfrog Power is a young green energy company that seeks opportunities to educate consumers about green energy and develop brand name recognition and business development in Alberta. Calgary is home to oil and gas companies, so green energy sources, although being developed locally, have a need for positive public relations. Bullfrog’s objective is to increase corporate reputation, create awareness of their brand, and have the opportunity to educate and gain interest from both consumers and businesses in green sources of energy.







About the Partnership

During its 31st year, Trickster Theatre and their first-ever corporate sponsor, Bullfrog Power, were able to present the Kids Go Global Project (KGG)’s 2012-2013 season of school and community residencies, of which Clean Energy was one of the chosen themes. The relationship with Trickster carried the Bullfrog Power brand into 10 Alberta communities throughout the 2012-2013 season via week-long school residencies that positioned the Bullfrog Power brand as a supporter.

The partnership allowed Bullfrog Power to support green energy educational programs for students and their families, as well as develop brand recognition in communities throughout Alberta, a key market in Bullfrog Power’s expansion throughout Western Canada.

In addition to creatively engaging students and families, the 10 participating schools received a week’s worth of green wind power.




Benefits for Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog Power was new to Alberta, a province not known for its green energy. The tangible visibility of their product and positive association with the Trickster and KGG brands was essential to the business and brand development.

Short term

  • Opportunity to improve knowledge and corporate reputation about green energy and Bullfrog Power at the community level, involving students, teachers, volunteers and general public, through curriculum delivered via school residences and online resources
  • Special recognition on all Trickster social media, website, press releases and at special events.
  • Logo recognition on all Trickster residency programs, distributed to students, parents and teachers
  • On-stage acknowledgements to Bullfrog Power at 10 Kids Go Global community performances, including the corporate name and a brief description of the concept that this school residency program has been “bullfrogpowered”
  • Promotion and marketing of Bullfrog Power on the Trickster and KGG website – Bullfrog posted animated video materials that explain how wind power turns into electricity for use in the schools
  • Trickster increased the audience visibility for Bullfrog by adding information and links to their partner’s website in all their media releases, website and news updates reaching stakeholders and patrons

Long term

  • Increased traffic to the Bullfrog website upon completion of KGG residencies
  • Increased number of sign-ups for Green energy information that were traceable to Alberta addresses

Benefits for Trickster Theatre

This partnership allowed Trickster Theatre to offer additional benefits to the participating schools. Bullfrog power provided additional marketing opportunities for the KGG program, all while delivering and educating communities on global issues in an artistically creative and inclusive manner.


  • Trickster was able to expand their Kids Go Global programming and website with Bullfrog’s financial contribution
  • Bullfrog power included a recount of one of the KGG community events for their e-buzz newsletter, which is distributed to corporate and residential customers and prospects province-wide.
  • Long-term

  • The increase in program support for their global issues-themed residency programs provided legitimacy – once they had gained their first corporate sponsor, Trickster felt they had the confidence and stamp of approval to go forth and cultivate new sponsors







    Benefits for the Community

    Through this partnership, schools gained additional educational tools and resources for their teachers and classes via the KGG website:

    • Students, families and volunteers were creatively and actively engaged by the KGG green energy residencies
    • The community made a significant impact by being able to connect their schools to other schools and similar programs around the world through the KGG initiative and creating awareness surrounding global issues
    • Students were able to learn about global issues while also learning about physical theatre
    • Contribution of 100% green wind power went to the 10 participating schools for one week


    Trickster encouraged the sponsor to attend any residency that featured Kids Go Global programming, ensured the sponsor received copies of show programs that included the sponsor logo, and provided a report of the full season’s Kids Go Global residencies with audience attendance numbers and other anecdotal feedback.

    The partnership concluded after the completion of the theatre productions and the goals and benefits were achieved by both partners. Since then, Trickster has continued to implement their sponsorship strategy to target like-minded businesses in the community and as a result were successful in securing a multi-year sponsorship with Shell. This $67,500 sponsorship over three years aims to create theatre projects in Treaty 7 First Nations schools. Trickster Theatre attributes this sponsorship to their artsVest training and partnership with BullFrog Power.