RuBarb Productions Inc.

Organization size: Small
Discipline: Theatre
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan (2013-2014)

Common goals shape artistic community

RuBarb Productions and K+S Potash Canada Partnership Summary

RuBarb Productions Inc. (RuBarb) is a lead contributor to the arts in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, through supporting emerging professional artists while providing performance and educational experiences for youth in music and theatre. In 2013, RuBarb partnered with K+S Potash Canada (K+S), one of the world’s largest international resources companies.

Both partners share common goals in supporting the development of cultural activities in the Moose Jaw community by engaging children, family and youth in the theatrical arts. As a result of their partnership, RuBarb received significant cash support for their ongoing production season, while K+S strengthened its role in the community as a socially and culturally responsible company with a desire to improve the lives of those who live in the community.

“Support from K+S Potash Canada has been huge for RuBarb Productions to make professional live theatre part of the cultural future of Moose Jaw. K+S are lead actors on the Moose Jaw stage.”

- Glenn Hagel, Board President, RuBarb Productions Inc.

Rubarb Productions

Founded in 2006 and incorporated in 2013, RuBarb Productions (RuBarb) blossomed into a thriving company, presenting high-quality live theatre to residents and visitors of Moose Jaw. Since incorporation, RuBarb has expanded their operating season to offer five full productions a year.

A successful participant in Business for the Arts’ artsVest program, RuBarb was awarded the 2013-14 artsVest Outstanding Partnership Award.

K+S Potash Canada

K+S Potash Canada (K+S) is part of the K+S Group, an international resources company that has been mining and processing mineral raw materials for more than 100 years. K+S supports communities by funding community-based projects and programs for youth, programs and initiatives designed to protect and preserve the environment, and encouragement of community programming focused on skills training. They are a first-time artsVest sponsor.



About the Partnership

RuBarb first partnered with K+S in 2013. The fit was natural since both organizations shared common goals in supporting the development of cultural activities in Moose Jaw community.

K+S are a first time artsVest sponsor and provided RuBarb with a monetary sponsorship valued at $25,000. This sponsorship focuses specifically on K+S’s outreach to support the local community and their desire to engage children, families and youth in local cultural activities, specifically the dramatic arts.

The partnership allows RuBarb to subsidize children’s tickets and provide family pack ticket options to theatrical productions, and enables K+S to contribute to the quality of life in their community.



“RuBarb Productions and K+S Potash Canada are working together to enhance quality of life in the community of Moose Jaw. With financial support from K+S Potash, RuBarb Productions has made live theatre even more accessible to families.”

- Mark Docherty, Minister of Parks, Culture and Sport






Benefits for K+S Potash Canada

The partnership with RuBarb Productions provided K+S the opportunity to showcase their passion and support of such programming while receiving top notch recognition for their brand and activities in the community.

Short term

  • K+S logo recognition on all RuBarb event signage, website, social media, and print media, including posters and brochures
  • Increased audience visibility for K+S during pre-event promotion and marketing cycles, including links to sponsor’s website
  • Recognition of sponsorship via a full page ad and welcome letter in all production programs to show the impact the partnership had on RuBarb productions and activities
  • Onstage acknowledgements and special thank yous prior to each of the 43 performances in the season to promote visibility of K+S with RuBarb’s audiences, patrons and stakeholders
  • RuBarb provided K+S with four tickets to their annual Fall Fundraising Gala, as well as additional discounts on further tickets. Six event passes (including six seats to each performance of the 2013-14 season) were also provided for K+S employees to use as needed.
  • A special gift from the cast of each show during the 2013-14 season to acknowledge the uniqueness of the partnership.

Long term

  • Increased visibility within the community as a leading supporter of the arts
  • Ability to continue giving back to the community long-term as K+S expands its operations in the Moose Jaw area.








“We are committed to giving back to communities in Saskatchewan, and one of our priorities is youth development. When we learned of the youth engagement opportunities that RuBarb Productions could offer, we knew this partnership would be a good fit for our company.”

- Kim Poley, Vice President, Human Resources and Corporate Services, K+S Potash Canada

Benefits for RuBarb

This partnership allowed RuBarb to expand their production calendar to more than 20 performances during the 2013-14 season. With a sponsorship valued at $25,000, RuBarb was able to provide a subsidy program for children and families to attend events and productions throughout the year.

Short term

  • RuBarb increased their performance season
  • The sponsorship helped RuBarb establish a subsidy ticket program for children to attend RuBarb Production Inc.’s annual summer Broadway Musical
  • RuBarb has established the K+S Family Pack, which includes one free child’s ticket with the purchase of three regular priced tickets, alongside the K+S Family Fun Matinees where each child in attendance receives a special gift

Long term

  • The increase in program support from K+S gave RuBarb the stability needed to expand programming and provide additional production and performances through the season.
  • The ticket subsidy program and inclusivity created through this partnership helped RuBarb establish a wider audience base
  • The credibility of partnering with a large, well established business allowed RuBarb to gain further support from other local businesses

“Our missions are not only missions of our businesses but personal missions. Both the sponsorship mission of K+S Potash and RuBarb’s mission are complimentary to each other, and a really excellent fit.”

– Evie Sawatzky, Artistic Director, RuBarb Productions Inc.

Benefits for the Community

Through this partnership, families can attend and engage in theatre at a lower cost. With the continued support of companies such as K+S, RuBarb can continue their wide range of programming to reach and engage generations of audiences for future seasons.

The partnership was very well received within the community. K+S was a newly established but already significant corporation within the Moose Jaw community, so for such a business to be connected with a highly regarded theatre company was seen as a valuable and true partnership.

“Business support for the arts is essential in shaping attractive communities with vitality,”

– Glenn Hagel, Board President,
RuBarb Productions Inc.




RuBarb encouraged K+S to attend performances throughout the season and ensured that the sponsor received ongoing recognition throughout the year through communication channels such as local and social media. Throughout the duration of the partnership, RuBarb and K+S met to confirm the details of the sponsorship and evaluate the partnership’s potential for the long term, specifically into the 2014-15 season.

Since their initial partnership began, K+S has continued their support through sponsorship of RuBarb and in 2014 their partnership won the Business for the Arts’ artsVest Outstanding Partnership Award. View their winning partnership here:

K+S have signed on for a second and third season of their sponsorship, and while each sponsorship agreement has been for a year in length, both organizations leave the door open to discuss a multi-year partnership..



“When we meet with other sponsors, they take note that K+S Potash is a sponsor and this credibility has assisted in the development of other sponsorships.”

– Evie Sawatzky, Artistic Director, RuBarb Productions Inc.