Live Arts Dance Productions

Organization size: Medium
Discipline: Dance
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Partnership Dances its way into the Heart of the Community

Live Art Dance Productions and Gordon Stirrett Wealth Management Partnership Summary

Live Art Dance Productions is the only dance presenter in Atlantic Canada to program an annual contemporary dance series featuring national and internationally – celebrated artists. Their commitment to supporting the development of dance in Nova Scotia’s local communities is evident in their diverse and engaging annual programming season.

Live Art Dance partnered with Gordon Stirrett Wealth Management (GSWM) on a multi-year sponsorship, sharing their commitment to invest in their local community. By leveraging artsVest training and matching funds, Live Art Dance delivered a customized proposal that resonated with the business.

“[GSWM] spends quite a bit of money on advertising, but being known as a prominent supporter and partner to a respected community organization holds value among the community.”

- Paul Caskey, Executive Producer, Live Art Dance Productions

Live Art Dance Productions

Gordon Stirrett Wealth Management



About the Partnership

Gordon Stirrett Wealth Management (GSWM) is owned and operated by Gordon Stirrett, a Haligonian well-known for both his personal and business support of several non-profit organizations in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Like many wealth management businesses, GSWM strives to provide exceptional service and comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services and solutions. The ‘exceptional’ component to their business acumen rests on the importance placed on community engagement and support for local initiatives and activities, which has become central to building their brand awareness in Halifax.

Live Art Dance commits to supporting the local community and the development of dance in Nova Scotia through programming, which features workshops, masterclasses, residencies, artist talks and a variety of audience development and outreach activities with both local and international artists.

Live Art Dance has had an ongoing relationship with GSWM but were able to create their first multi-year partnership by leveraging the artsVest program training and matching funds, the result of which was a three year sponsorship commitment. GSWM was able to build on the perception of their business as ‘exceptional’ by aligning themselves with a cutting-edge contemporary dance company – they were able to show appreciation and offer volunteer opportunities to their employees, building a vibrant working culture.

Benefits for Gordon Stirrett Wealth Management

This business partnership leveraged marketing potential for GSWM:

Short term

  • Brand/logo recognition on Live Art Dance’s house programs and materials/li>
  • Building brand awareness through onstage recognition at the start of every show (6-7 productions per year – approximately 20 shows)
  • Opportunity to share business brand with current and prospective clients
  • Special recognition through Preview Arts Magazine ad
  • Opportunity to cross-promote company website on Live Art Dance’s website
  • Employee appreciation and networking opportunity during season’s performances

Long term

  • Gordon Stirrett Wealth Management was able to showcase its brand, services and community involvement to audiences of Atlantic Canada’s only dance presenter of annual contemporary dance.
  • GSWM developed many new relationships and clients by leveraging their long standing brand presence through the sponsorship.

Waiting for Bardo(t), SiNS – photo courtesy of Kevin MacCormack

Benefits for Live Art Dance Productions

The multi-year monetary gain enabled Live Art Dance to create financial stability; gaining the partnership of a well-known and respected financial minded business helped Live Art Dance attract several like-minded business partners that soon became season sponsors alongside GSWM.

Short term

  • Provided awareness and new audience engagement to the season’s productions

Long term

  • Live Art Dance were able to create a multi-year partnership, extending their financial stability and support
  • Live Art Dance was able to bridge to other businesses through sponsor and partner connections
  • GSWM offered to cross-promote information in the company’s e-newsletter about Live Art Dance’s dance/creative endeavours, delivered to the entirety of the company’s database
  • Live Art Dance gained an enthusiastic , knowledgeable and engaged board member who is also a Financial Advisor at GSWM

Juxtapose, Cecilia Moisio – photo courtesy of Bruce Dienes

Benefits to the Community

The partnership enables Live Art Dance to continue developing its outreach into the community, from engaging and creating connections with local businesses to new patrons and goers of their productions. Sponsorships such as this one allows Live Art Dance to provide quality productions that are easily accessible to the community.

“We try to maintain the personal connections with our partners and nurture them from the start. We’re fortunate with Gordon and his firm in that they are extremely approachable and it enables us to have a great relationship.”

Paul Caskey, Executive Producer, Live Art Dance Productions


Live Art Dance continues to be in constant conversation with GSWM, personally with Gordon himself when he attends productions, through their board members and by reporting on the successes of their season. GSWM is in their fifth year of sponsorship (as of 2016), and Live Art Dance hopes to continue their relationship and renew for another long standing commitment in the coming year.