Impact on the Cultural Sector

artsVest works to build capacity in the cultural sector through in depth sponsorship workshops and mentoring sessions that train arts organizations on generating private sector support. Cultural organizations gain an increased confidence to approach the business community, and a better understanding of the unique value they have to offer businesses. In addition, artsVest provides matching incentive grants for sponsorships raised by participating organizations to help spark local business support of arts and heritage. In connecting to the private sector, cultural organizations develop new and diverse revenue streams, creating a more sustainable funding model.

Feedback from the Cultural Sector:

“Without question, the artsVest program has been the single most important contributor to the success and viability of our event.” – Peter Champagne, JazzFest Regina (2014 participant)

“artsVest has been instrumental in helping us develop relationships with the business community. Thank you for the time and effort you put into helping us create these partnerships!” – Heather Morrision, SUM Theatre Corp (2014 participant)

“artsVest is an empowering project that encourages arts organizations to be innovative in approaching potential sponsors.”—Tunde Dawodu, Artistic Director Afrikadey! Arts & Culture Society of Calgary (2012 participant)

“This program is a terrific incentive for both the non-profits and the local business to define and strengthen their relationships.” – Erick Bickerdike, General Manager, Chester Playhouse (2013 participant)

“artsVest allowed us to approach partners we would not otherwise have contacted. As a result, we not only increased our resources but increased the awareness of our work amongst businesses. The matching funds also allowed us to try out new initiatives, such as putting more money in to marketing and advertising. This has resulted in an overall increase in our audience numbers this past season.” – Hope McIntyre, Artistic Director, Sarasvàti Dramatic Theatre Productions and Repertory Inc. (2012 participant)

“This was a very beneficial program for our organization, it helped us to identify how we can work with businesses and why businesses would want to work with us!” – Jaimz Asmundson, Cinematheque, Programming Director, Winnipeg Film Group (2012 participant)

“This is the best program to date to encourage business people to see that there may well be tangible results in their partnering with an arts group.  It was certainly a selling point when talking with potential sponsors that a government agency was matching donation. As such, it is a model for future funding of the arts and for the role of government in that funding.” — Gordon Sinclair, Artistic Director, Kingston Choir (2008 participant)

“The matching grant program is very attractive to business.  It gave us the opportunity to open a dialogue with sponsors we hadn’t spoken with previously. Our resulting partnership with RBC Dominion Securities exposed a whole new audience to the live theatre experience.” — Norma Chuchmuch, General Manager, Magnus Theatre in Thunder Bay (2007 participant)