Arts and Heritage Organization Eligibility Requirements
  • Must be located in a community where the artsVest program is operating and provide programming, products or services that are accessible to the public
  • Must be an incorporated, not-for-profit and/or registered charitable arts and heritage organization for a minimum of two years and have a publicly accountable structure with an active Board of Directors
  • Must be an organization with arts and/or heritage as its primary mandate and core activity, such as a performing or literary arts organization, museum, gallery or heritage institution
  • Collaboration and partnerships between two or more arts and heritage organizations are eligible and encouraged; one organization must be selected to represent the group as a whole
  • Must be a stand-alone arts and heritage organization (cannot fall under the umbrella of a non-arts/heritage organization – i.e. the municipality, Tourism Alliance, etc)
  • If the organization has not been incorporated for a minimum of two years, they may apply under the umbrella of a local arts council (a maximum of 3 initiatives can come under the arts council). For details please check Applying Under an Umbrella Organization
  • May be an independently operated not-for-profit arts school (music, visual arts, dance, theatre,  film or media arts)
  • Must be an organization with an operating budget of less than $1M for the last two years

NOTE: In order to aid application and program success, for arts and heritage organizations intending to apply for the artsVest program, workshop attendance is required.

If you have any questions about whether your arts and culture organization is eligible for the artsVest program, please contact us.