How Matching Funds Are Distributed

On the Sponsorship Confirmation form, organizations are asked to designate a category of sponsorship from the table below. Although a sponsorship may fit with more than one of these categories, organizations must select the best category that fits the agreement.

Sponsorship Category Business Sponsor Criteria Cash Sponsorship Match In-Kind Sponsorship Match
A – The New Sponsor The business has never sponsored this local arts or heritage organization



B – The Multi-Year Sponsor A new or existing business is committing to a new multi-year sponsorship with a minimum 3 year term – artsVest will match the first year.

100% of first year

50% of first year

C – The Increasing Sponsor The business has supported this organization in the past three years – artsVest will match any increase from the most recent year’s amount

100% of increase

50% of increase

D – The Returning Sponsor The business has not sponsored this organization in more than three years