Business Sponsor Eligibility
  • There is no limit to the number of sponsorships that a business can have matched through artsVest, but only cash or goods-in-kind are eligible; fees for professional services are not eligible for an artsVest match.  Examples of professional service providers include lawyers, consultants, bookkeepers, graphic designers, interior designers, painters, contractors, etc.
  • There is no limit to the number of sponsors the arts and heritage organization can approach through artsVest. The amount of matching funds that an organization is pre-approved for cannot be changed; however, the name(s) and number of prospective sponsors noted in the initial Application Form, as well as the combination of sponsorship scenarios, may change between the time of pre-approval confirmation and submission of the final sponsorship confirmation.

To be eligible for artsVest matching funds, sponsorships must come from businesses which:

  • Are located in a community where the artsVest program is operating, whether publicly traded or privately owned; this includes owner-managed businesses, limited partnerships, local head offices, and regional/national offices of corporations located elsewhere (i.e. a local branch of a national bank)
  • Are a for-profit business, trade or service club
  • Are not a governmental organization
  • In the instance of a foundation, must be attached to a corporate public for-profit business (i.e, Telus)