Eligibility for artsVest™ Calgary

To be eligible for artsVest Calgary, arts organizations must:

  • Operate under an arts mandate in the city of Calgary
  • Be registered as a non-profit organization/corporation/society in the Province of Alberta
  • Have been in operation for one full year
  • Maintain operations throughout the whole or majority of the year
  • Maintain a majority of activities that support Calgary artists and/or are accessible to Calgary citizens


Organizations with an operating budget over $1M, based on an average of the past two years.

All of the following business categories are eligible to be matched by artsVest incentive funds:

  • all businesses that have an office in Calgary, either the head office or a regional office
  • publicly-traded or privately-owned
  • owner-managed businesses, limited partnerships,
  • business or trade clubs


Political, trade union or fraternal lodge organizations are ineligible.

Business for the Arts and Calgary Arts Development reviews all potential applicants for eligibility, according to each program’s eligibility criteria.